Senior Curriculum (Year 10)

The Year 10 Curriculum has been designed to allow all students:

  • To explore a breadth and depth of studies
  • The opportunity to pursue interests and develop talents
  • Flexibility in their course
  • To plan a course that fulfills individual pathway plans

Year 10 students study six units each semester – 12 units of work over the course of the year. Units of study in Year 10 operate for seven periods per fortnight for each semester.

While each Year 10 student is able to select an indivdualised course, course rules do exist as students must select studies from each of the core area listed below. Students are however, able to specialise within these areas.

Eg: A students may elect to undertake ‘Criminal Law’ and ‘Going Global’ as their Humanities units for the year.

Core Units include –

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities
  • Science

Each of the above area offer a range of units and students will be able to choose two electives from each core area for the year.

VCE Access Program

Year 10 students have access to all VCE subjects offered at the College should they wish to commence their VCE studies early.

Undertaking a VCE subject via the VCE Access Program allows students to gain an insight into VCE studies, develop strong study habits, learn strategies for managing their time effectively and improve their general academic abilities.

The full range of Year 10 and VCE subjects offered by the College can be located in our Course Selection Booklet & Handbook.

Year 10 Course Selection Resources