2017 College Captains

Our names are Kyra Moore and Chelsea-Lea Harbottle, we are the College Captains at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College for 2017. We look forward to an exciting year in leading the SRC and representing the wider school community at our College.


As the school captains of Hoppers Crossing Secondary College, we want to ensure that each individual within our school community feels comfortable and confident enough to reach their personal goals. We wish to continue developing our ‘school spirit’ and furthermore, we hope to ensure that all students, staff and parents feel immensely proud of the school in which they’re involved.

As College Captains, we find a positive mindset extremely important in everyday life and we hope to enable all students to achieve, increase and reach both their academic and personal goals. Through hard work, dedication, resilience and a growth mindset, we believe that all staff and students will be able to reach their full potential.

One goal in particular that we, as College Captains, would like to achieve during our final year, is to foster and strengthen the relationship between the Junior and Senior Sub-Schools. We both understand how integral the relationship between students and staff are in ensuring an enjoyable and positive learning experience. We want to establish a strong interconnection between the two sub schools and enable all students to feel comfortable in approaching any student or teacher, with the aim of achieving their best.


The College values are an integral part of our everyday school life, and throughout 2017, we hope to continue to implement these into every aspect of our school community. Respect, Strong Work Ethic, Cooperation and Responsibility are important values we wish to see strengthened and upheld during our final year. With the knowledge that we are representative of the entire student body, we will consistently strive to demonstrate these standards through every action we make, in addition to encouraging all in our school community to represent our College in the same way.

As College Captains, we believe it’s our duty to ensure we are a successful in representing the plethora of views that exist at our school. We want to foster a strong relationship between our students, staff and wider community, and continue to provide a positive and safe learning environment for all. We sincerely look forward to the next year, and hope to achieve all that we can to leave a positive legacy for the college moving forward.

Kyra & Chelsea-Lea