2020 College Captains

Hello. We are the 2020 College Captains at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College, Haylee Downes and Tyler-Jo Parsons. We are excited to be given the opportunity to represent our college and lead a team of passionate students.

Our main goal for 2020 is to continue the work of our previous captains in promoting the SRC and student leadership within the college. We believe that so much learning can be done not only within the classroom, but outside it as well. We want to foster a culture of students getting involved in the many wonderful programs offered at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College, being able to represent their school with pride and being able to further develop lifelong leadership skills. Speaking from experience, the college and its extracurricular opportunities can provide some amazing experiences and lessons that have helped shape and develop us as leaders and school captains. We wish to urge every student to get involved or enquire about some of the life changing opportunities that this college has to offer. 

As the motivation of our mission to further promote the Student Representative Council, we wish to ensure students feel valued and heard within the college. We want to further foster a community where students feel empowered and that they are able to freely speak out on what they want to see within our college. We believe achieving this will not only have an effect within the leadership at the college but will mean students are feeling more empowered within the classrooms too and have a stronger connection with and sense of pride of their school.

We both strongly believe in this college’s values and aim to always showcase them in our interactions within the college, the community and our personal lives. We believe these values help create a community within the school of not just students and teachers, but parents and community members too. We strive to embody respect, responsibility, a strong work ethic and cooperation within all aspects of our lives – academic and otherwise. 

In 2020 we look forward to being able to be the bridge between the student body and principal class. We aim to ensure all students feel welcomed and heard within our college and we are excited to take on this new responsibility, being able to see the inner workings of Hoppers Crossing Secondary College. We hope from this experience we are able to promote a culture that encourages students to step out and get involved with this amazing school as well as leaving behind a positive legacy through our team of passionate SRC leaders and our contributions within the school and wider community. Most of all, we look forward to being able to represent Hoppers Crossing Secondary College, a school that has been able to provide so many wonderful opportunities for us and allowed us to grow as individuals.

Haylee Downes and Tyler-Jo Parsons