2019 College Captains

Our names are Harley Lewis and Konnah Brennan, and we are the College Captains at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College for 2018. We look forward to an exciting year of leading the Student Representative Council and representing the wider school community at our College.

As college captains, we want to empower every student and young person in our school community to speak up for what they believe in and speak out for what they want. We believe in empowering young people to use their voices and make changes in their communities. We want to use the foundations created in previous years by former college captains to strengthen our school community and improve access to and the visibility of the Student Representative Council. We want to foster a community where students feel welcome and listened to.  

Our vision is a student body that is motivated to succeed in their studies who also feel empowered to use their voices.  We believe that if students feel more comfortable in speaking up then they will be more motivated in their academic life.

We both hold the school values in high regard. Respect, Strong Work Ethic, Cooperation and Responsibility are the values our school has identified as being important. We believe that the students, teachers and other school staff in our community all hold these values dear. As school captains, we will embody these values in both our personal lives as well as when representing the college.

In 2019, we look forward to representing our school and speaking for everyone that is part of our school community, especially the students. We will relish any opportunity, both in school and out of school, to speak for the college and share ideas with community members and leaders. We are looking forward to the excitement and challenges of 2018, and our future endeavours beyond the school next year. We know that we will be able to work with the SRC to leave a positive legacy for the college moving forwards into the future.

Harley and Konnah