2021 College Captains

Hello. We are Alannah Nix and Katelyn Cross,  your 2021 College Captains at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College. We are looking forward to working with our student body to return to the College with a driven and passionate mindset in 2021.

After many years of being within the Student Representative Council, we both have gained knowledge and experience in leadership and teamwork. We hope to work with the College community to embody the College values of respect, responsibility, strong work ethic and cooperation, in all aspects of our lives. We both strive to represent these qualities within our everyday lives in an academic and leadership capacity, along with other aspects of our lives.
I, Alannah Nix, have worked with the SRC since beginning of my school journey at the College, along with many other leadership and academic positions. I strive to be an active member of the wider community as well as a welcoming College Captain. I hope to create a lasting impact on the College community and work with my fellow Student Representative Council members to represent the student voice and empower others to share their views about our College.
I, Katelyn Cross, being a member of the Student Representative Council since Year 9, have gained an extensive amount of experience and leadership qualities that I am excited to bring to the role of College Captain. I aspire to form a strong relationship with the students of the College as well as the wider community to bridge the gap that was somewhat lost in 2020.
Our aim for 2021, is to build connections within all aspects of the College. We believe this is important as coming out of 2020, the College communities bonds were weakened due to the unforeseen circumstances that occurred during last year. We want to showcase the extracurricular and programs that the College has worked so hard to provide. Specifically, we want to encourage the growth and involvement in our club programs as well as our events such as Harmony Day. 
As the whole Student Representative Council our main goal is to ensure that the student body feels welcomed and heard within our College Community as well as empowered within their own lives as an individual. We hope to promote the SRC in a way that the student body is encouraged to work alongside them to work on College events. We want to assure that all students of Hoppers Crossing Secondary College have a voice in the matters of their own school environment.
Ultimately, we look forward to being able to represent Hoppers Crossing Secondary College, a College that has allowed us to flourish as individuals along with allowing us to partake in many unique opportunities along the way. 


Alannah Nix and Katelyn Cross