2018 College Captains

Our names are Chanelle Bouquet and Janisha Mala Sharma, and we are the College Captains at Hoppers Crossing Secondary College for 2018. We look forward to an exciting year of leading the Student Representative Council and representing the wider school community at our College.

Our vision as the captains of Hoppers Crossing Secondary College is to foster a stronger school community for each and every student to reach their own personal goals. We want to focus on improving the foundations that were laid in previous years in order to maintain momentum with projects and fundraisers. Additionally, we seek to work towards creating a stronger school community by increasing involvement in not only SRC events but all school events, and to encourage a positive and motivated outlook on school. We also hope to strengthen and foster a positive outlook towards school for students, and encourage all members of the school to feel motivated and confident in the school environment.

As college captains, we believe that teamwork is extremely important to enable us to reach personal goals, as working together allows for each and every student to reach their full potential and collaborate with one another to share ideas. “Teamwork makes the dream work” is our 2018 motto in the SRC, and we envision that through hard work and dedication every student and staff member will be able to reach their full potential and strive towards their personal goals.

The values our school has implemented have become a part of not only the school captains’ lives, but every student and teacher within the school (and without a doubt outside of school as well!). Respect, Strong Work Ethic, Cooperation and Responsibility are values that our school community shares. As school captains, we will definitely embody these in our final year of school, and we know they will be upheld for many more years to come.

As the 2018 college captains, we understand that we have the great responsibility to represent and speak for our school, both within the school environment and outside the immediate college community. We will continue to create a positive, motivated and confident school and represent Hoppers Crossing Secondary College in the Wyndham district. We are looking forward to the excitement and challenges of 2018, and our future endeavors beyond the school next year. We know that we will be able to work with the SRC to leave a positive legacy for the college moving forwards into the future.

Chanelle & Janisha