Mid year and End of Year examinations are conducted for the assessment of knowledge in Year 9, 10 and VCE students.

Year 9 students will sit one exam for each core subject at the end of each semester’s study.

Year 10 and 11 students sit one exam for each subject at the end of each semester’s study. These are conducted by the Senior Sub School.

Year 12 students sit a mid year examination for each subject, focused on Unit 3 content knowledge and an indicative examination focused on Unit 3 and 4 content knowledge during spring term holidays. These examinations are conducted by the senior sub school.

Year 12 students will undertake the GAT examination during the mid year examination period. At the end of the the year they will sit an examination for each of their subjects focused on Unit 3 and 4 content. Each of these examinations will be conducted onsite by VCAA representatives.

Examination Resources

Unit 3 and 4 VCAA Exam Timetable


Unit 3 and 4 VCAA Exam Authorised Materials List


HCSC Examination Procedure and Regulations

2020 Exam Timetables

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