Newsline_Issue 1_2022

Candace Shaw Latest News, Newsline

Here we are at the beginning of another year and we’re full to the brim with positivity, enthusiasm, and optimism. With memories of COVID restrictions fading into the distance, we’re ready – resilient and ready for anything! The VCE results of the Class of 2021 demonstrate perfectly just how determined we, the staff and students of Hoppers Crossing Secondary College can be when challenged.

Newsline_Issue 3_2022

Jo Terrill Latest News, Newsline

It’s a mammoth task cramming so much into such a short term, but we’ve got this! Year 9 as well as senior students are in exam preparation mode, attending workshops and study skills sessions in readiness for the mid-year exams ahead, and NAPLAN assessments are in full swing. Year 10 and 11 students attended police presentations emphasizing the importance of on-line security and the dangers of violence. Read more. . .

Newsline_Issue 2_2022

Jo Terrill Latest News, Newsline

It appears that staff and students alike have been champing at the bit to make up for time lost over the past couple of years. With the Year 7, SRC Student Leadership and VCAL camps plus numerous excursion/incursions under our belts already the remainder of the year is set to be one out of the box.

Newsline_Issue 7_2021

Jo Terrill Latest News, Newsline

Well, here we are at the end of the 2021 school year and we’ve much to celebrate, particularly the Class of 2021, which, after the last 2 years of ups and (lock)downs, was able to graduate and celebrate in true Hoppers Crossing Secondary College style. In addition, around 130 students were recognised and rewarded for their efforts at the recent College Awards Night.

Newsline_Issue 6_2021

Jo Terrill Latest News, Newsline

Issue 6, 2021
With the potential for extended lockdowns, it seems, now behind us, we’re returning to on-site learning just in time to begin winding down for the year. Year 12 exams are in full swing and these students will soon be bidding farewell to the College for the last time. Yet while it seems the academic year might be slowly grinding to a halt, behind the scenes staff are working tirelessly to plan and prepare for a brand new year in 2022.

Newsline Issue 5 2021

Candace Shaw Latest News, Newsline

This year’s College theme: ‘A resilient mindset sets us up for success’ has never rung more true. It is this exceptional attitude that saw us celebrate the successes of approximately 700 students across the College during our Junior and Senior Mid-Year Honours video presentations held recently. It was impeccable timing between lock-downs that meant 4 of our students were able to attend the School for Student Leadership Camp, Snowy River Campus.

Newsline_Issue 1_2021

Jo Terrill Latest News, Newsline

Here we are (almost) back to relative normality and, despite the challenges we all experienced, ours was the only school in Wyndham to improve its VCE results in 2020. In addition to this, our Music Performance group excelled in their VCAA Music Performance exam. Our students have embraced this new school year and settled well into their learning, already undertaking an Amazing Race and Study Camp. The SRC’s skills are already on display.

Newsline_Issue 1_2020

Jo Terrill Estancia, Latest News, Newsline

So early into the year and we are already in full swing. Many new and returning staff have joined the Hoppers team; the Estancia delegation has returned from California, students have participated in Study Camps and, with the exception of Year 7 students (who will be finalised next week) the 2020 SRC has been named. Read more…

Newsline_Issue 2_2020

Jo Terrill Estancia, Latest News, Newsline

Students across all year levels continued to be actively engaged in their learning this term through hands-on tasks, incursions and extra-curricular activities. For students curious about, or contemplating applying for a future position with the SRC, the Student Representative Council de-mystifies the interview process. . Read more…

Newsline Issue 8 2019

Naomi Muir Estancia, Latest News, Newsline

Once again our Year 12 students have done us proud, by producing our highest ATAR score to date, as well as the most number of students receiving scores in the 90’s. The College has been investigating ways to put the Government’s 2020 mobile phone ban in place. Read more…