Newsline Issue 5 2021

Candace Shaw Latest News, Newsline

This year’s College theme: ‘A resilient mindset sets us up for success’ has never rung more true. It is this exceptional attitude that saw us celebrate the successes of approximately 700 students across the College during our Junior and Senior Mid-Year Honours video presentations held recently. It was impeccable timing between lock-downs that meant 4 of our students were able to attend the School for Student Leadership Camp, Snowy River Campus.

Newsline_Issue 1_2021

Jo Terrill Latest News, Newsline

Here we are (almost) back to relative normality and, despite the challenges we all experienced, ours was the only school in Wyndham to improve its VCE results in 2020. In addition to this, our Music Performance group excelled in their VCAA Music Performance exam. Our students have embraced this new school year and settled well into their learning, already undertaking an Amazing Race and Study Camp. The SRC’s skills are already on display.

Newsline_Issue 1_2020

Jo Terrill Estancia, Latest News, Newsline

So early into the year and we are already in full swing. Many new and returning staff have joined the Hoppers team; the Estancia delegation has returned from California, students have participated in Study Camps and, with the exception of Year 7 students (who will be finalised next week) the 2020 SRC has been named. Read more…

Newsline_Issue 2_2020

Jo Terrill Estancia, Latest News, Newsline

Students across all year levels continued to be actively engaged in their learning this term through hands-on tasks, incursions and extra-curricular activities. For students curious about, or contemplating applying for a future position with the SRC, the Student Representative Council de-mystifies the interview process. . Read more…

Newsline Issue 8 2019

Naomi Muir Estancia, Latest News, Newsline

Once again our Year 12 students have done us proud, by producing our highest ATAR score to date, as well as the most number of students receiving scores in the 90’s. The College has been investigating ways to put the Government’s 2020 mobile phone ban in place. Read more…

Newsline_Issue 7_2019

Jo Terrill Estancia, Latest News, Newsline

Our Year 12 students have all but come to the end of their secondary school education, with the exception of a few more exams to be sat. Year 9, 10 and 11 students will be sitting their exams in the coming weeks. Our 2020 College Captains have been named and preparations for the end of year events are in full swing. Read more . . .

Newsline_Issue 6_2019

Jo Terrill Estancia, Latest News, Newsline

We’ve gone and done it again! Our Wakakirri team has done us proud, and walked away with a fifth State Championship. This term has seen a string of successes and been a hive of activity including a visit from our sister school in Italy. Read more . . .

Newsline_Issue 4_2019

Jo Terrill Latest News, Newsline

Year 7 Camp, Business Carnival, Music Performances, WRICA Careers Expo, College Careers Evening and a Multicultural Food Expo are just a few of the fun and engaging activities that were enjoyed this jam-packed term by staff and students across the College. The school community once again embraced the popular Community Connection Concert and rehearsals are revving up for this year’s Wakakirri heats. Read more . . .

Newsline_Issue 2_2019

Jo Terrill Latest News, Newsline

The Annual Uniting Pancake Day fundraiser was only one of the many events that took place at the College this term. The place was abuzz with incursions, excursions, internationally acclaimed guest speakers, Harmony Day celebrations, parent/teacher interviews and a mathematics competition to name just a few.
Read more . . .

Newsline_Issue 3_2019

Jo Terrill Latest News, Newsline

Thanks to the collaborative work of our outstanding Student Representative Council, students will now feel the cold a little less with the introduction of our new official College beanie. The grit and determination of 2 of our talented students have been recognised in their chosen sports with opportunities for overseas travel. Read more . . .