Essential Student Learning Items

The Essential Student Learning Items (ESLI) Charge is determined each year by the College Council. The ESLI Charge has been significantly reduced in view of these difficult economic times.

2021 Year Level Lump Sum Payment 8 Monthly Payments of
Year 7 $160 OR $20
Year 8 $200 OR $25
Year 9 $120 OR $15
Year 10 $120 OR $15
Year 11 $120 OR $15
Year 12 $160 OR $20

Essential Student Learning Items Charge

The curriculum developed at the College provides every opportunity for your child to obtain success from Year 7 through to Year 12 and further into tertiary education, training or employment. The funding required to provide this outstanding curriculum program far exceeds grants provided by the Government.

We sincerely thank all those parents/carers who have provided support to the College through payment of Essential Student Learning Items charges in the past. We look forward to your continued support. Without your continued support, educational resources available to your child will be limited to those provided by the Department of Education and Training (DET). The College cannot continue to provide high quality programs for all students if we are forced to rely on government grants only.